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The Australian Government is supporting a scientific breakthrough achieved by Aussie company MediKane, whose natural product NutriKane D, is creating great excitement in the well-established functional food market. MediKane has been awarded a grant from the Federal Government’s Manufacturing Modernisation Fund that will allow them to work with their partner Sunshine Sugar, to produce ingredients used in NutriKane D. It was one of the biggest Grants awarded under the Fund.

NutriKane D, fully backed by science, has been proven to help lower and control blood sugar levels, improve gut health, and support the immune system.

This partnership with Sunshine Sugar will enable MediKane to expand outside Australia and establish a global footprint in the emerging “food as medicine” area.

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund was developed before the coronavirus pandemic struck to help small and medium sized Aussie businesses transform and upgrade, to become more competitive in the global market. Its value to MediKane is even more important now during the pandemic as people with diabetes are more at risk from the infection. Taking NutriKane D normalises the gut and in doing so helps maintain a healthy level of inflammation control.

The Grant means MediKane can break new ground with unique export products. It is made in Australia using Australian technology, with key raw materials produced by the only 100% Australian owned sugar mill.

In partnering with MediKane, Sunshine Sugar will unlock even more of the naturally occurring properties within the remarkable sugarcane plant. In recognising the demand for natural, plant-based tools for improving the health of not just people at risk, but the population in general, Sunshine Sugar and MediKane will deliver solutions for overall wellbeing and for the delay, prevention and management of chronic health disorders.

For information contact MediKane CEO, Rod Lewis E: or M: 0401 719 833

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