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Under the Microscope with Dr. Malcolm Ball

Welcome to our new regular update for customers. We have named it "Under the Microscope". It will investigate gut health and diet to provide you with information to help you understand and make healthier decisions about your food and lifestyle decisions. Each Under the Microscope will contain information from Dr Malcolm Ball* the Chief Scientific Officer and innovator at MediKane. The information is sourced from the global scientific community.


MediKane is proud to say that our products are invented by Australians and made in Australia from Australian active ingredients, all based on science with clinical trials behind them.

As gut health is coming to the forefront, there seems to be a lot of confusion in the vitamin and supplement world. More products are being developed in the health food space, it is becoming quite easy to become confused, and not all information is accurate nor supported.

MediKane is improving people’s health and wellbeing with safe, natural plant-based products that reduce dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.

Speaking with Dr. Ball, he has two main points about looking after our mental and physical selves:

1. The reality of looking after ourselves is complicated. While it’s important to simplify things to help our understanding, it's equally as important not to oversimplify the solutions. This is where Food-as-Medicine helps.

2. Food as medicine is real. While there are a lot of unproven and ineffective food products, proven products do work. Particularly when it comes to diabetes, it’s not a question anymore. Diabetes Australia agrees that diet management and weight loss are needed to help people into remission for type 2 diabetes. Although there is a genetic component with type 1 diabetes, it can also be managed more effectively with a Food-as-Medicine product. Even though there are things you can't control, there’s still a lot you can control through your diet.

Over the coming updates we will explain more about “Food as Medicine” and key components to help our customers.

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