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Investors – How to Invest

MediKane is raising funds to invest in revenue growth - sales and marketing working capital and new product development. We will launch products, rapidly scale the business in key markets and continue to innovate the product range to support our competitive to invest

The MediKane Board is acutely aware of the global opportunities available to this Company.

The opportunity has been increased by the current COVID-19 situation as people living with high blood sugar levels have a significantly lower survival rate from viral infections. MediKane’s products do not change the risk of being infected with this or any other virus, but significantly improves the chance of survival if infected – as the products improve the health of the immune system.

MediKane is at the leading edge of developments of plant-based health benefits. These types of products are in high demand in Australian, US and Asian markets. The retail market is demanding non-drug, safe products like NutriKane.

We have released NutriKane D to the Australian market as a soft launch with no marketing support. Despite the low marketing support, sales and repeat customers are growing because the product works for them.

We are ahead of the curve with effective products currently demanded by consumers and able to treat some of the world’s most pervasive and debilitating health problems. Independent research and clinical trials back these products and the breakthrough technologies.

The business is based on effective intellectual property, ground-breaking products and focused on sales and distribution.

The team manages strategic matters and have outsourced most non-strategic support functions.

MediKane’s assets are: Products, Patents, Proof and People

We welcome investor support to help us tell consumers about NutriKane. We need to implement an effective marketing program and expand our operations overseas. This is the reason for requiring investment.

We would welcome you to be a part of MediKane and participate in its success.

The current pandemic has helped improve the positioning for MediKane products. The move to natural and proven safe products began over 10 years ago and the demand for preventive health products is currently increasing.

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