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About Us

MediKane's Intent and Purpose

To develop a profitable business by improving lives through scientific discoveries and proof, using safe natural food-based health products that enhance treatment options for sufferers of many debilitating medical disorders.

Corporate Goal

To be recognised as a global leader in food-based health products and use our position to positively change the health and wellbeing of people worldwide.

MediKane’s goal is to be the global brand of choice for people wanting to support or develop good health naturally and avoid or minimise the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

The medical evidence that good health begins with food is overwhelming, particularly as it relates to a healthy microbiome.  The emergence of specific foods treating specific health conditions is accelerating.  MediKane has developed innovative products proven to treat and manage some of the world’s most pervasive health disorders.  The products, are all-natural, drug free, safe and effective, transform the professional and personal treatment of debilitating disorders and diseases. The products contain biologically active derivatives from plants.

We are at the leading edge of the development of plant-based health solutions, and these types of natural, safe products are being increasingly demanded by Australian, US and Asian consumers – our key markets.  Our products are 100% natural and safe, free from unwanted side effects, cannot be overdosed and can be taken by people using pharmaceutical medications.

With natural, safe, proven products, MediKane’s aim is to be the global brand for reliable and effective ‘Food as Medicine’ solutions for overall wellbeing and for the delay, prevention or treatment of chronic health disorders and diseases. 

Currently, the business is primarily focused on blood sugar management.

A second focus is on both chronic and acute constipation. Constipation often accompanies the use of pain killers administered post-operatively in hospitals.

We are also entering the Food Ingredients market by supplying plant-based products to food manufacturers who buy ingredients for their consumer products (e.g. bakeries, health food manufacturers).  This market is well established globally and the key segment for MediKane will be the dietary fibre market – soluble and insoluble.

Global brand of choice for natural health products.