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About Us

MediKane develops plant based treatments for several global chronic health conditions. The products have both scientific and clinical evidence that they work as needed . This category is becoming known as ‘Food as Medicine” .

MediKane sources natural Australian ingredients with demonstrated specific health benefits that have been shown to improve health. These are unmatched products and are delivered  in dose form. We have the science and clinical proof to know our products do what we say and have no side effects. Most people see a difference in two weeks.

All MediKane products are developed in-house.

MediKane’s flagship consumer product is NutriKane D, the only clinically proven plant-based health product that lowers blood sugar, naturally.

MediKane’s formula has provided the basis of a range of consumer and hospital grade products that can significantly improve long-term chronic health problems including diabetes, bowel dis-orders, and inflammation-related conditions, including immune health.    

MediKane has five separate markets all using the same technology and supply chain. MediKane products have Unique Selling Propositions in each market, each market is global and growing faster than population growth.

MediKane’s objective is to become a leader in safe plant based ‘Food as Medicine’ health space for treatment of specific acute and chronic health problems. We have spent the last 10 years building the foundations to take our Australian innovations global.