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Investors – Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a legal requirement and about promoting fairness, transparency and accountability by setting out the rights and responsibilities of the Board, management and shareholders.




The Board recognises that effective corporate governance structures will provide a foundation for the Company to create value and will provide accountability and control systems commensurate with the risks involved. Good Corporate Governance:

  • Will enhance shareholder returns
  • Will reduce the risks of theft, fraud and corporate collapse

The main framework we report against is the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations published by the ASX. The eight Principles are:

  1. Lay solid foundations for management and oversight
  2. Structure the board to be effective and add value
  3. Instil a culture of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly
  4. Safeguard the integrity of corporate reports
  5. Make timely and balanced disclosure
  6. Respect the rights of security holders
  7. Recognise and manage risk
  8. Remunerate fairly and responsibly

The MediKane Board has implemented a program to develop sound Corporate Governance practices in the business in line with the above Principles.