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Technical - The Science

The MediKane range of products were developed by first gaining a firm understanding of the Modes of Actions (how the products interact with the body’s natural biochemistry) and then testing for specific outcomes in scientific and clinical trials.

Unlike supplements and health foods that aim to merely make a person more healthy in general, ‘Food as Medicines’ are designed on the principle that taking a controlled dose of certain foods will generate a specific result. Our two flagship products have been shown to manage blood sugar (glucose) levels (BSL) and relieve constipation both in hospitals and in the general population. This work is continuing, and even more effective products will be developed over the next several years.

The medical benefits of the NutriKane product range have now been extensively trialled both scientifically and medically and are now peer-reviewed and validated.

Pharmaceuticals are designed to force specific biochemical reactions (pathways) in the body or to destroy specific pathogens or cellular functions. This approach is very successful when treating pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) or to remove specific dangerous cells. However, forcing pathways comes with risk, as it can also cause the body’s biochemistry to do things it would not otherwise do. This is what causes side effects and adverse events. To date, pharmaceuticals have also lacked the broad reach required to successfully manage metabolic diseases. It is well established that the only consistently successful strategy for managing metabolic syndrome and high BSLs is diet and exercise.

Food as medicine treatments are designed to supply the body with the resources and nutrients needed to improve natural function and manage inflammation. Rather than forcing a single pathway, the NutriKane product range uses multiple modes of action to subtly adjust many pathways all at once, increasing overall efficacy and resulting in metabolic improvements. Food as medicines and pharmaceutical therapies are complementary treatments; pharmaceuticals often work better and have less side effects when food as medicines are applied as adjunct therapies. This has been shown with MediKane products.


The underlying biochemical and medical mechanisms of the ingredients used in MediKane products were analysed in conjunction with researchers at Macquarie University, The University of New South Wales, and Sydney University.  This work was partially funded by the Australian government from a $2 million Australian Research Council (ARC) grant, under the Industrial Transformation and Training Centres scheme.

This project which resulted in three PhD theses and several scientific publications found that NutriKane D works by multiple pathways that can be grouped into three basic areas:

  • Physical interactions with the cells of the digestive tract
  • Microbiome modification through a broad-spectrum prebiotic effect
  • Direct nutrition of minerals, vitamins and biologically active molecules such as phytochemical antioxidants.

modes of action


NutriKane has been shown to have a proven prebiotic effect. It is a highly effective broad-spectrum prebiotic containing all the forms of fibre, and other nutrients needed to allow a healthy microbiome to thrive– unlike simple fibre supplements that feed only a small part of the intestinal microbiota:

  1. Feeds the good bacteria in the gut but does not feed the “bad” bacteria.
  2. Increases a broad range of probiotic bacteria not just one or two as is the case when supplements are taken.
  3. Maintains the diversity of the microbiome – a diversity of gut flora has been scientifically proven to be essential to good health and alleviate many metabolic disorders.


NutriKane is a unique blend of highly nutritious foods that provide many essential elements that are known to be missing in processed foods. NutriKane is rich in a wide range of essential micronutrients that are deficient in many diets. NutriKane acts as a multivitamin that works because the nutrients are still in food form which is how the body needs to absorb them (highly bio-available). NutriKane is also a significant source of both polyphenolic and flavonoid antioxidants which have been shown to positively impact inflammatory pathways, as well as trigger cellular repair in in-vitro and animal models.

By providing these nutrients in forms that the body can absorb (unlike many simple vitamin supplements) the body can replenish the necessary building blocks for the biochemical pathways that effectively control blood sugar levels and manage inflammation. The products enable gut flora to produce many essential nutrients that are not naturally found in plants or animals e.g. Short Chain Fatty Acids are essential to human nutrition and are produced in our gut microbiome.

complex micronutrient


Soluble and Insoluble dietary fibre must be balanced to exercise your total gut. NutriKane results in a physical interaction with the intestinal lining that is essential for good gut health. Furthermore, the complex foods in NutriKane provide a physical matrix that allow beneficial bacteria to thrive. The interaction of NutriKane with the digestive tract also results in measurable changes in the mucous layer, which not only improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients but also protects against disease.



These modes of action combine to improve health in several ways. Some of the measurable outcomes of consuming NutriKane include:


The net effect is that NutriKane helps manage constipation and helps manage blood sugar levels. It is proven to lower the Glycaemic Index (GI) of foods when consumed with a meal, as well as improving nutritional outcomes which result in controlling blood sugar levels.

bsl friendly

It is normal for blood sugar (glucose) to continually rise and fall throughout each day for our whole lives.  After eating and during exercise (as the body converts fat to energy for the cells to use) the BSL will rise and (depending on health and fitness) will drop back to normal levels as we recover. This is normal, although some people experience abnormal highs and lows. Many people lack some of the micronutrients that the body requires to regulate this process due to poor diet.  Even when they are trying to do the right thing, the way our foods are processed and stored results in the loss of many of these elements.

NutriKane D has the ability to reduce the 'highs’ and raise the ‘lows’ for people that can benefit from supplementing these dietary components. NutriKane has been shown to also reduce both the instantaneous BSL levels (measured by sampling a drop of blood at a finger) and also the long term ‘average’ BSL as shown by measuring the amount of glucose that is chemically bonded to heamoglobin molecules in our bloodstreams – this universal measure is called the HbA1c and is typically taken every 3 months for those who need to continually measure their BSL.


In clinical trials NutriKane+ has been proven to be effective for Opioid Induced Constipation (OIC), Hospital Induced Constipation (HIC) and in the pre- and post-operative care of patients after colorectal surgery (shown in Illinois hospitals by a colorectal surgeon over several years with his patients). Finally, NutriKane+ has been shown to relieve constipation in the general population. NutriKane+ has been proven to be more effective than the current market leading options.


NutriKane has direct and indirect anti-inflammatory action (through the microbiota in the gut). NutriKane is a proven broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory that reduces damage to the body from inflammatory diets. NutriKane has been shown to reduce inflammation through several pathways including reducing the effects of IL-6, IL-1b, IL-8, Nf-kB, TLR 2, 4, and 7.


Additionally, NutriKane has been shown to promote cellular repair and regeneration through the STAT3, and SelH pathways.


NutriKane has been shown to help support and improve the health of the body’s immune system by both reducing Systemic Inflammation and directly feeding and assisting the diversity of the microbiome. Both factors are important in supporting the immune system, and so assisting the body resist infections.

MediKane has not performed clinical trials as yet regarding NutriKane’s direct effect on the immune system – the outcomes noted are based on external and independent links between immune system and gut health.


For a more detailed explanation on the science, please read our "Why It Works" document here.