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The Science

Behind the NutriKane brand is an innovative Australian Company.

MediKane extensively evaluates the best scientific literature and conducts its own scientific trials to verify that the NutriKane range are effective Food-As-Medicine products. It isn't just enough to review the literature. We test each ingredient, and form relationships with dependable suppliers to ensure we only use ingredients with the the best consistent quality that delivers the published science behind them. We then do our own research and conduct clinical trials on the final product to ascertain an effective dosage.

MediKane commenced the NutriKane journey in 2010 when we discovered how our unique ingredients had a positive effect on people with health issues. Since then, we have continued to expand our ingredient list to help more and more conditions. MediKane is now proactively using upcycled ingredients wherever possible and is focused on contributing to a sustainable environment. MediKane now uses the ONLY upcycled dietary fibre produced in Australia and the work continues.


MediKane was founded when Dr Malcolm Ball (a biochemist by training and pharmaceutical designer at the time) was approached by his Co-founder Rod Lewis (a biochemist by training and a senior food executive with over 100
food products under his belt) to confirm some rather extraordinary results regarding a dietary fibre product he had helped create. Initial analysis had shown that the fibre not only improved regularity more effectively than other fibre sources, it also reduced the Glycaemic Load of consumed meals more effectively than psyllium husk or wheat dextrin. In 2010 work commenced to obtain scientific evidence and an understanding of what this product might be
capable of in terms of improving health. The composition of the dietary fibre, its effects on the microbiome and the biochemical pathways that were influenced were determined through 3 PhD projects that were funded by The Australian Research Council as part of the Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) program. This work identified multiple Modes of Action in detail and led the way for product improvements through the addition of other ingredients. These trials also showed that NutriKane had benefits for reducing inflammation, improving cellular health, reducing the incidence of liver disease and improving overall gut health. This analysis was performed primarily at Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.
To confirm the clinical efficacy of NutriKane , the core ingredients were analysed by Animal Models at the Kolling Institute – Sydney University, Sydney. These trials identified that NutriKane had benefits to blood sugar regulation, pancreatic health and insulin requirements.

If you require a summary of the evidence or have any further questions, please feel free to email Dr Malcolm Ball at