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White Label

MediKane has already established a growing White Label business due to the quality of the ingredients we source. The potential for growth is outstanding as we will offer new and unique products that will interest manufacturers/marketers in the Nutrition market. 

Report by Wellness Creative Co January 2021

The nutrition industry is currently experiencing huge growth. Increasing awareness of how diet affects health and the benefits of various eating habits means consumers are more educated than ever. 

Set against a backdrop of busy lifestyles and global health concerns, the nutrition market looks set to skyrocket as people look for quick and easy solutions.  

Here’s a quick overview of the industry:

  • The human nutrition market is predicted to hit $465.4 billion by 2025 [Global Newswire].
  • It’s growing at a rate of 6.6% each year and is expected to continue at this pace [Global Newswire].
  • Personalised nutrition through apps, testing kits, and programs is growing at a faster rate of 15% p.a. [Markets & Markets].
  • Medical costs for people classified as obese (almost 40% of the US population) are $1,429 higher than those of normal healthy weight [Wellness Creative Co].