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NutriKane is the umbrella brand for the first two MediKane products. The products have proven efficacy supported by clinical trials undertaken by universities, hospitals and medical professionals in both Australia and the USA.

These products focus on enhancing and encouraging gut health. Specifically, by rebalancing the microbiome and replenishing positive gut bacteria using prebiotics, dietary fibre, resistant starch, and bioavailable micronutrients.  This reduces inflammation, combats known nutrient deficiencies, and restores balance to the gut and other abdominal organs and to our whole ‘biosystem’.

As food-based products, neither product requires regulation and registration as a pharmaceutical by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

NutriKane D

NutriKane D

NutriKane D - a scientifically and clinically proven plant-based health product that lowers and helps control blood sugar levels (BSL), naturally.

The product is a powder-based food that is mixed in water, juice or yoghurt. It is recommended to be taken twice a day as part of a balanced diet. NutriKane D is a mixture of soluble, insoluble fibre and resistant starch. More importantly though, these fibres are not heavily processed, which means the associated nutrients and waxes that are naturally occurring within the plants are still present. 

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NutriKane R

NutriKane R is a “Food as Medicine” product specifically developed to improve regularity. Unlike laxative products, NutriKane R does not contain harsh chemicals as it’s a 100% natural, concentrated medical food that is high in fibre and essential micronutrients. Because NutriKane is not a laxative it doesn’t “force” your body to go whether it is convenient or not, rather it restores normal function to the gut. In one trial it not only prevented constipation, but also relieved incontinence.

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SugarKane Fibre


SugarKane Fibre is for people wanting to increase their intake of natural dietary fibre in a safe way. It is easy to use by just adding directly to meals and recipes.







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MediKane Ingredients

MediKane Ingredients supplies our plant-based products to manufacturers who incorporate them into their final product (e.g. bakeries, health food manufacturers). The key segment for MediKane will be the dietary fibre market for both soluble and insoluble fibre. The global dietary fibre market is well established. 

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White Label

White Label We supply ingredients to marketers that sell under their own label and do not compete in our target market segments.