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MediKane products are targeted to improve the wellbeing of people for those demanding natural health options. The MediKane products are unique in they perform to expectations based on careful formulations and serving sizes that obtain real results.

RESEARCH: (New Hope 2022 is a data-driven journey into changing values,attitudes and sociatal factors influencing consumer use of dietary supplements today).

"The messages that resonates most with today's consumers include themes of empowerment, convenience and proactivity. To a lesser extent, these also influence purchase: Optimization ( I want to optimize my health and vitality ), Science ( Supplements are backed by credible science ), Alternative ( Supplements are an alternative to pharmaceuticals ) and Natural ( I want to take a natural approach to health and healing ).

EMPOWERMENT: I want to take control of my health. Health is very personal - and I deserve to be empowered to make decisions about the most important aspect of my life. Supplements are readily accessible at grocery stores and on websites, which means that I can assess my needs, do my research and add the right products into my life easily and affordably.

CONVENIENCE: Supplements fill in dietary gaps. Supplements are called supplements for a reason. Even when I think my diet is at its best, I know that nutrient deficiencies ar essentially inevitable. Whether the result of a busy, stressful lifestyle, dietary allergies or intolerances; or simply a food system that has stripped nutrients from what I eat daily, I know I am lacking in some areas. Supplementing can alleviate the pressure of trying to get everything I need from diet alone and fill in unavoidable dietary gaps.

PROACTIVITY: I want to prevent disease. As a nation, we are sick of being sick. Supplements allow me to take a proactive, preventative approach to my health. Rather than waiting until symptoms strike, I believe that supplements can help to keep me healthy now ( for example, get me through cold and flu season unscathed ) and fend off disease for the long-haul. According to analysis, the total reach for these messaging strategies is 72% for empowerment, 84% for empowerment plus convenience and an impressive 87% for a messaging strategy that combines all three - empowerment, convenience and proactivity."