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Opportunity and Solution

Four factors drive MediKane’s market opportunity:

  • Lifestyle diseases are increasing globally
  • Hospital operations are increasing due to aging population and the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases
  • Many chronic diseases are not fully treated by modern medicine
    • Diabetes is one of the main lifestyle diseases and is NOT fully treatable by modern medicine
  • There is growing global consumer interest in non-drug treatments

The MediKane Solution

MediKane has invested in products to meet these un-met needs:

    • MediKane’s diabetes solution outperforms all current medications and has had no reported side-effects for the past eight years
    • MediKane’s post-operative hospital treatments outperformed current, typical post-operative standard treatments
    • MediKane has recently launched products for general gut health, inflammation and immunity and joint and skin health.
    • The products have independent clinical and scientific proof they work as claimed
    • MediKane’s solutions apply equally to animals that suffer similar health problems