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National Diabetes Week takes place on 12-19th July and this year’s focus is on mental health and the stigma that can be associated with diabetes. 

There are many reasons someone might feel stigma. It can be because they feel misunderstood, judged, blamed or even made to feel guilty about their diabetes. Mentally, this can be a lot to deal with and can impact how someone manages their diabetes. This can have a flow on effect to their physical and emotional health.

We understand that managing diabetes is an inherently stressful exercise and that there can be a stigma that diabetes is somehow the fault of the individual living with it. At MediKane we are committed to helping people with diabetes and prediabetes live and thrive. 

Webinar - How good gut health can positively impact mental health and diabetes

Join our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Malcolm Ball, on Tuesday 13th July at 1.00pm for a webinar where he will be discussing the following topics:

  • inside the Gut-Brain Axis 
  • the science behind functional foods and their role in improving mental and physical health   
  • how good gut health can empower people to take control of their diabetes management 

Malcolm will be joined by a health professional who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have on any related topic. If you have a story, comment or experience you’d like to share we’d love to hear from you as well. Please email any questions or comments in advance to or you can contribute on the day. 

The webinar will also be recorded if you’re unable to attend – please register and we’ll send you a recording after the event.